Our uniform was chosen, after consultation with parents, to be smart and practical. The school colours are: royal blue & white

  • Royal blue sweatshirt (boys) or cardigan (girls) (with logo)
  • White polo shirt (with logo)
  • Royal blue fleece (with logo) (not a compulsory item but may be worn as a jacket or as a outdoor top for PE)
  • Grey pinafore, skirt or tailored trousers
  • Royal Blue and white checked dress/playsuit (summer)
  • White or grey socks (not trainer socks)/grey tights
  • Flat heeled shoes (not trainers) in black or navy. 
  • Hairbands, bobbles or small ribbons/bows – blue or white.  Hair bows should be no more than 8cm in length.  
  • PE kit – navy shorts, blue t-shirt (with logo), trainers (with velcro for children unable to do laces). Navy jogging bottoms or navy leggings to be worn in winter for outdoor PE (branding to be minimal)  along with a navy blue hoodie (with logo)
  • Navy blue cap (with logo) which can be purchased via the school office only.
  • Navy blue bookbag (with logo)- Reception to Year 2 inclusive
  • Navy blue rucksack (with logo) - Years 3 and above
  • Navy blue PE bag (with logo)

Read our pdf Uniform Policy 2022 here (121 KB)

The elements that are ‘badged’ are the tops: T shirts, polos, sweatshirts/cardigans, PE hoodie, fleeces, caps, bookbags and rucksacks.

Fleece Polo
PE T-Shirt zoodie

Uniform supplier

We have arranged Schooldays to supply our uniforms. They are a local business at 94 High Street, Whitton, TW2 7UN so families can pop along and see what they would like themselves. Alternatively, you can purchase from our page on their website.  Schooldays have requested that during this time parents make an appointment for any uniform via their website.  

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Guidance on appearance

For safety reasons, no jewellery except pierced ears, where pupils may wear small ‘starter’ studs and these must be taped during PE lessons. Make-up or nail varnish is not permitted.

Hair should be of a natural colour and style and must be appropriate for School. Hair must be tied up at all times. Hair extensions or hair braided with beads or cotton is not permitted. Any hair accessories worn e.g. headbands, should be blue in colour and discrete.  If wearing a bow, no longer than 8cm in length. 

Hair length should not be less than a grade 2 and hair carvings (including eyebrows) or styles with dramatic variations in length e.g. Mohican style or ‘V’ style are not appropriate. Similarly extreme fashion hairstyles e.g. dip dying or contrasting colours are not permitted. If at any time there is doubt as to what hair style is acceptable for School please contact the Headteacher for further guidance.

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Easy2Name offer a 20% cash back for our school PTFA for any orders placed, either using forms available from the office or by phone 01635 298326 or online.

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If you decide that you’d like to place an order with them, be sure to quote our reference ‘St Mary’s Hampton CE Primary TW12’ to ensure that the school receives the cash back offer.

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