Setting Work

  • Teacher will use their class email address to communicate with parents.
  • Teacher will send home one Maths and one English activity the night before for the following day. Children can complete one piece of extended writing over the week and send back to teacher on a Friday for teacher to give feedback.
  • Teacher will pre-record a short Maths and English input each day and attach to daily emails.
  • Teachers will ensure that emails are laid out clearly using subheadings and bullet points so that it is easy for parent to understand what is expected each day.
  • Teacher will create a 2x6 grid with fun foundation subject activities for children to complete over 2 weeks.
  • Teacher will set Mathletics and Read-i-writer activities to supplement Maths and English learning.
  • If possible, the teacher will try to set a mixture of online activities and worksheets that can be printed out.
  • Teacher will organise a daily ‘zoom’ session, for all children to have a live, daily check-in with their teachers. The time will be used to give general feedback, review learning, Q&A and story-time.
  • Headteacher/SLT will organise a weekly live ‘zoom’ session with a fun, PSHE focus, such as bingo, quizzes and scavenger hunts
  • The children will be asked to keep work that they have completed to show the teacher when they come back to school.


  • As much as possible, the teacher will continue to differentiate learning by providing three levels of challenge within the activity. Another option to challenge pupils is to set problem solving and reasoning activities on Mathletics for specific children.
  • The teacher will provide different activities for children who are not able to access the year group curriculum.
  • If a child does not have access to the internet, the teacher will print out worksheets for the parents to collect from outside the school building.


  • Children will send one piece of extended writing per week for the teacher to feed-back on.
  • Teachers will share feedback from the previous lesson at the beginning of the next pre-recorded video lesson.
  • Teachers will ask parents to feed-back on key concepts children have struggled to grasp so that these can be addressed and support provided.
  • Completion of online activities will allow teachers to monitor what has been achieved at home.

Recording teaching videos

  • Begin the video with a recap of the previous day's learning.
  • Share a learning intention for the activity.
  • Make it interactive by asking questions and then getting the children to pause the video to think or even jot down ideas on paper.
  • Try to include a mixture of sharing a presentation on a screen and modelling by writing on a whiteboard.
  • Explain the different levels of challenge that are available to them and model how to complete the sheets (you could do the first question with them, for example).
  • Try to make the video about 10 minutes long, if possible.

Calling Parents

  • Senior Leaders will call SEND/PPG children each week to offer support. If the closure is longer than two weeks, the teacher will call all children to check in periodically.
  • Teachers will identify any children not regularly engaging with daily calls and remote learning for SLT to follow up with support calls.

Staff absence

  • In the event of (teaching) staff absence, the teaching assistant will take responsibility for the school bubble.
  • The Senior Leadership Team will provide some home learning materials for the class with the absent teacher, including signposting Oak Academy online national remote learning, BBC bitesize, Mathletics, Oxford Owl and read-i-writer.
  • There will be no live/pre-recorded videos while the teacher is absent, unless for a period greater than 3 working days.

Communication for all parents

Sent out in newsletter on 8th Jan 2021

Thank you so much for bearing with us as we have rolled out our online home-learning this past week. Although we have had a longstanding plan, the unexpected news that our school was closing came on 30th December, with the staff team still on holiday and much planning and preparation needed to reopen school to vulnerable and critical worker children, as well as deliver home learning. It really is so disappointing that we can’t have all the children at school, but we are determined to make the most of the circumstances we find ourselves in and support you as best we can at home to help the children access their learning. We recognise that you are all under enormous pressure and have been placed in a very difficult position. We hope our enhanced approach to online learning this time around helps.

We will continue to send out a daily email for you, with an explanation of what we have planned, two teaching videos for Maths and English and the resources you will need for activities. We hope you find the videos useful. Since they have been pre-recorded, you can view them at a time that suits you and re-watch, pause and rewind them as necessary and fit them around the availability of devices if you have more than one child and the timings of your working day. Our Year 6 children will continue with a morning of ‘live’ lessons, since they are best placed as our oldest children to access this style of learning. There will also be a weekly pre-recorded assembly from me as well as one from Laura, the Children and Families worker at St Mary’s church.

We recognise that some ‘live’ interactions for all children will also be key in the coming weeks, since many children won’t be attending school and seeing friends and teachers in person. For this reason, each class will have a live ‘Zoom’ session with their class teacher every day for a catch up and ‘story time’. This will be important in helping the children to feel connected and maintaining their mental health and wellbeing. We’ll make sure these happen at different times across the day to fit in with siblings and available devices! There will also be a weekly meeting for all the children in Years 1-5 with me, where we will play a game or have a virtual PE lesson, in order to connect and have some fun. This is limited to Years 1-5 as we don’t recommend a zoom call for Reception children and Year 6 will be having plenty of fun and interaction with Miss Rowlandson! Mrs Creegan is also planning some additional fun sessions for Year 6. All the links you’ll need to connect to these sessions will be sent out with your daily email, to keep things simple.

What we don’t expect is for children to be engaged in continuous academic activities between 9am and 3pm! During a normal school day, the children spend the majority of their time engaged in activities or socialising. Spending a few hours per day, depending on the age of your child and their ability to focus and concentrate, is more than enough. Regular play and movement breaks during this time are also important.

In terms of any work children complete at home, please do keep it safe and ready to bring back into school for the class teachers once we return. Each week, teachers will provide feedback on the extended writing piece which is handed in.

We don’t know for certain how long we will be learning in this way, but we will keep things under review and make sure we are doing all we can to keep the children engaged and connected.

With all the home-learning, please don’t be too hard on yourselves and do what you can around your own busy lives. As a minimum, the suggested hours (see below) spent watching the videos and completing the activities will be really beneficial in the long term. The teachers are all available on the class emails to support you and will get back to you as quickly as they can, although they will all still be teaching small groups in their own classes. We very much want to hear from you so please don't hesitate to drop us an email.

We so appreciate our fantastic, supportive school community and are incredibly grateful for all that families are doing to continue to support the children. Please do get in touch if you have feedback or need support – we are very much here for you and want to support you.We are grateful for the positive feedback that we have already recived this past week. We are also so grateful for our amazing staff team, who are all on site every day delivering learning to the small groups of children in every class, as well as managing online learning. 

Together, we can do this!

Summary of what is on offer for each Year group:

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