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When we put together our bid to create a new Church of England school in Hampton, our aims were clear: to meet the need for local primary places by creating a small school with a family atmosphere, enriched by a Christian ethos. We felt the curriculum should centre on literacy and numeracy, complimented by an inspiring emphasis on music and art.

Until now, Hampton has been without a Church of England school. We believe our strong Christian ethos fosters an atmosphere of mutual support and respect, in which values such as reverence, compassion, trust and hope thrive, helping children to develop as rounded members of the community. St Mary’s School is open to families of all faiths and backgrounds; church attendance plays no part in our application criteria.

Children  benefit from the small size of the school. The teaching is strengthened by additional support from community volunteers and parents. This will be instrumental in ensuring high standards in the teaching of English and Maths. We also passionately believe that enrichment through music and the arts is key to creating an inclusive, exciting learning environment that will engage and stimulate pupils. This emphasis will ensure that cross-curricular learning is as dynamic as possible.

Both inside and outside of the classroom, we are committed to traditional values such as politeness and good behaviour. We are determined to foster an atmosphere where listening, concentration and respect are expected and rewarded.

We aim to create a fully-inclusive school which offers pupils an excellent education. Our priority is to serve the community, whilst drawing on Hampton’s unique heritage and beauty to enhance learning and nurture a sense of community spirit in the children we teach. We believe in doing so, we will help develop rounded, happy, successful children.


Why St Mary’s Hampton?

The heart of the school

St Mary’s is a school with Christian values serving the whole community. We welcome applications from families of all faiths and none; admission is regardless of church attendance.

A good place to grow

We will foster high standards of behaviour in our school, enriched by values such as reverence, compassion, trust and forgiveness. Bullying in any form will be dealt with swiftly.

The school’s small size ensures that every child is known and appreciated as an individual. Staff build strong relationships with children and their families, so that each child is valued and cared for.

A Christian approach

Our Christian ethos will guide everything from behaviour policy to attitudes to life and learning. We will draw on the expertise of other established and successful church schools, to help us by sharing experience, and working with us in developing our curriculum and resources. We will also draw on the established links of St Mary’s Parish Church, globally and within the local community.

Collective worship is a key part of life at the school. For Reception children, this will take the form of storytelling and prayer. This will continue throughout the school as it develops.

Children will learn about Christian belief and cultural heritage, alongside teaching about other world faiths, in religious education. The proportion of time devoted to the teaching of RE is no different from any other state primary. However, parents are entitled to request that their child does not participate in collective worship if they wish.

A proud heritage

We want St Mary’s School to take a place at the heart of the local community and feel our Hampton connection is something to be proud of. From the school’s inception the St Mary’s team has engaged with local parents, and listened to their needs. This Free School, approved by the DfE and LDBS, is the successful result. We look forward to helping the children at St Mary’s School become useful, proud and respected citizens of Hampton and Richmond upon Thames.

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